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Search Engines Optimization

I am not an expert on this matter but I want to share what we've been talking with the webmaster of Techzilo. He's a very young man but very much interested and prepared for the next round in the Internet matters. Sumesh, was telling about SEO (News to me, not for the meaning though!) and of the things we discussed was not to link very much everything but do a relevant linking. If you start linking to everyone you blog or page might be confused as an spam farm. You know what the price is. If not it is a good time to go and read InstaBloke about Google Blog Search. No matter whether you are the new kiddo.

I am an advocate of the Open Source and I was reading carefully this post about the Open Source Billonaries. Way long ahead of what we would like to say or comment. Go and follow this interesting conversation all by yourself!

Some of you are asking me, why I am not in the business of blogs. I mean why I am not making money with this blog. Take care easy, I might losing money right now but in the meantime TonNet is getting more worth than ever! So, give TonNet some time and you will hear of him not at the level of the Best Bloggers Practitioners but rolling money in a way not everyone is prepared or trained for. Learn to be generous as LOUI$$!

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  1. Haha..., do i really generous? But my gf run away..lol :D