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YouNiversity: Henry Jenkings Toughts

I was portraited in GVO as an Latin American voice. Proud to be in Global Voices Online now in more languages than English.

Mr. Jenkings has written an excellent post about the new configurations in media power and makes an analysis of books, articles and web applications to sustain what will it be the also new YouNiversity.

He asks: "How might media studies, the field most committed to mapping these changes as they affect modern life, be taught in a YouNiversity?"

You will have to elaborate your very own answer. Personally I think this is the spectrum for the next not century precisely but the years to come. As Jenkins puts it, "to educate such students, we don't so much need a faculty as we need an intellectual network." See how Facebooks is playing a very important roll right now and this only one example. It was created as a closed circle at the beginning but now not only college people can access it and network with those students.

"Blogs represent a powerful tool for engaging in these larger public conversations." he continues. And on purpose I am focused only in students rather than teachers because we also think that responding to wildly divergent backgrounds and expectations requires us to constantly redesign and renegotiate academic course expectations as we try to give students what they need to push themselves to the next level of personal and professional development.

Will you be part of the next YouNiversity? We are! Welcome aboard!

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