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Blogger: Things I Haven't Written in a While

I am being a little bit lazy in about the tech title of this blog I've concentrated in educational and social matters but today I've decided to move a little to the new Blogger which has been buzzing lately not only because of its final changes but also the authorities in this field.

One of my favorites is always Beautiful Beta. In this occasion for those following his work, shows how to display more than 100 posts (an update to this tweak) But not only that, Hans has created a Wiki where he compiles all his experiences, tips and tricks about Blogger.

Freshblog is not updating so frequently as before but the last week he wrote a long update about the presentation and use of Yahoo pipes in sidebar of your blogs. If you check his blogroll you will find a neat organization of those links and of course much information related to blogtech and webtech.

Once in the top list of my readings (today is he's not posting steadily, PurpleMoggy has developed a calendar widget which looks interesting if you like to browse your archives through a calendar of if you were thinking to switch to Wordpress just because of a calendar!

I am not sure how many visitors understand programming or web development but for those who really do you better step up in Ecmanaut' blog. Here, he tells you how to scope user scripts to HTML pages.

Our mentor and designer Ramani has not being writing steadily either but last weeks he asked for an update to his Neo Template. I've implemented withouth harsh and I hope everyone who's being using it already updated their Neo.

Phydeaux who takes the credit for our label cloud has released a post where he discuses the idea of Heading Image Uploading. No more really bad tutorials on how to get an image in your header, let Blogger do the work (ok I'm just hoping that means no more really bad tutorials, I suspect they will continue).

And Consumer Experience just jumped in to let us know that PNG and GIF uploads slow down your blog. She says: "If you upload a pic or photo to Blogger via the post editor, Blogger creates a thumbnail picture of your original, which is then displayed in your blog post." Awkward because what you've got in the New Blogger actually increases the file size of the thumbnail displayed on your blog, to bigger than the original file's size - and even bigger than the full size versions!

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