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Looking for more geek blogs?

Not too late. Check out the elaborated list in Computerworld. It doesn't show our blog but you will see many of those we read almost daily.

And if you like gadgetry, head up to abhatnagar. See what he's saying about the Google phone buzz. He's an expert in the cell phones field.

And if you like this blog design, do not hesitate to pay Ramani a visit. Now you can get NEO for Free! Kudos Ramani!

Did you hear that... new profile change of one of the most respected guys in the tech world, Guy Kawasaki?

I know you will be asking what is this all about, 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b -d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0. Well, keep reading to learn about this censorship.

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