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Kids Not Only Have to Be Good When They're in the Cyberspace

This is the conclusion Sean FitzGerald arrived after reading Thomas Friedman's article where he says that all kids with camera cell phone are paparazzos and everyone with a blog is a journalist(citizenjournalist), so he concludes, all these people becomes public figure and have to be good.

FitzGerald, moves forward and declares that just because a kid or teen becomes a public figure doesn't have to stop having fun, they just need to learn to be careful with the info they hang online. Who's going to teach them? Well, in the very first place parents and after the school. Do not expect nothing from 'society' or even friends of those kids! Can be distracted very easily from journalism to sex, and that's another business.

At this point we can't even let our kids just research online without direction. Google still have a way to go in this matter and the schoolers have to learn how to search efficiently. Scoble has a point about Ruby and Rails and notices that even Yahoo and Microsoft offered better results in this field!

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