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15 Most Popular Blogs!

I don't understand anymore how Technorati ranks our blog. Obviously there are some differences between what it's been done by them and the conclusion of eBizMA. They (EbizMA) have a list of the 25 popular blogs that differ from the top popular 100 blogs in Technorati. Is there any chances that some day our small blogs figure in these lists, as important as it appears to be?

Technorati Favs

5. 43Folders.com
6. Engadget.com
7. postsecret.blogspot.com
9. Profilepitstop.com
10. Gizmodo.com
11. headrush.typepad.com
12. alistapart.com
13. Micropersuasion.com
14. blog.guykawasaki.com
15. googleblog.blogspot.com


1. Gizmodo.com
2. TMZ.com
3. engadget.com
4. LifeHacker.com
5. HuffingtonPost
6. boingboing.net
7. PerezHilton.com
8. Gawker.com
9. kotaku.com
10. DailyKos.com
11. TechCrunch.com
12. Defamer.com
13. Wokkete.com
14. Autoblog.com
15. ARSTechnica.com

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  1. Technorati's top 100 is based on the number of unique blogs linking to a blog in the last 180 days. The inbound links from Yahoo! Site Explorer are all links across all of the web for all time.

    Certainly there are other metrics of importance for blogs besides the ones that Technorati is using, however the eBizMBA methodology doesn't seem particularly better. It's just different.

  2. si yo no toy ay..no sirve..jajaja

    esas cosas nada mas ellos se entienden..

  3. I am surprised the public relationships Technorati handles. Ian Kallen works for them and posted his point of view. Thanks Ian.

    B@b@ gracias por la nota y la visita, Te queremos b@b@, te queremos!