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The Female Thing

I have been reading an interesting book about feminism, written by Laura Kipnis and she talks about the dirt part of female's sex, their concept about sex, the envy the male sex has for their attributes and as counterpart the vulnerability of women to conserve their diamond at all costs. However she touches the rape case as a state of punishment for all women and the submission that carries all that stuff once it is committed and the many ways men can get away without being penalized for such a felony. The problem she says is that a woman doesn't have enough credibility and many of those judges and the people wouldn't believe what she's saying about a rape and always someone will say that she was the one who started everything!

The author quoting Nancy Friday in her book My Secret Garden, says:
Rape does for a woman's sexual fantasy what the first martini does for her in reality: Both relieve her of responsibility and guilt...She gets him to do what she wants him to do, while seeming to be forced

Is there any men or women who see things differently?

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  2. Will be a plesure from our part Repta.

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  4. I HATE this quote. RAPE is Rape and it is wrong, not @#! martini.