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Pownce or Twitter

All depends of how you're going to use them. As for me I guess I will stick to Twitter. Why? Very simple has more time in the market and the socialnetwork that has been built is enormous. I haven't play enough with Pownce (I also have invitations if you want to give it a try, thanks Luis) but what I miss a lot is the not integration with SMS which to me is very important because you can publish on the go!

I also believe that Twitter is working already undertable to implement the thigs they don't have so far and compete with the new kiddo. I don't think they can afford to lose such a great traffic. What I do like from Pownce is the chances you have to create groups and the posibilities of upload and tranfers files, which is a plus!

But as the iPhone, let's see what happens in the days to come, maybe I am wrong but only users can decide what's the best for them. For more about this post, please go and chech Kevin vs. Evan.

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