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Picasa Mobile

Happy July 4th, for all those living in America. Today is the National Day for all U.S. people.

Google has launched the first version of the photo software for mobile devices. Like the desktop version, it conveniently groups together all your images into easily browsing groups. You can also click ‘My Favorites’ from the main screen to connect to the Internet and see the latest photo albums that your contacts have posted to Picasa Web Albums, and leave comments. I am not a Picasa user yet, but I am feeling like trying it now.

Google says there’s no messing around with resizing either - all images are automatically re-sized for your device’s screen so that they download quickly. There’s also a built-in search that lets you retrieve any photo you’ve posted online, find photos posted by your friends or simply just have fun exploring other people’s photos. Note that you’ll need a phone with a web browser and WAP plan to access the service. The convenient blogging function that allows to those using Blogger to post photos directly from their phone is one of the interesting options. The mapping function it offers allows you to link photos to locations. It also might be another important feature.

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