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I am not making money out of this blog (I would like to) but certainly we all need to have someone sneaking around even to tell you something like your blog sucks! For quite a long time I've noticing our rank in Technorati had come down from 300 position to 221 right now. Our Alexa and Google PR couldn't be improved more than 4 and this page has a long time since we started to blog and write about anything and everything. As far as I m concerned, the popularity is something that makes no money for me but how do I get all information and why every blogger even the new kid from the corner should be watching the thread such as DesRochers points out.

I haven't being writing much lately and I've fall behind in our posts to Global Voices Online. It has a reason, my feeds keep piling up and important commentaries are left behind, we are in the process of switch job and you all know the time it requires and the negotiations you need to deal with. Fortunately, we all blogger have a newspaper only for fellows, TheIssue.Com where you can spare some time and grow your socialnetwork.

Don't go away. If you are interested in monitoring your audience please visit and take a good look of what Andy Beal is saying about the free tools for buzz monitoring.

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  1. Thanks for the link love and I'm off to check out Andy's post.