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Buy Me A Beer Plugin For Blogger

I am still struggling to stop the automated post in this blog, problem caused by genuine advice from some marketing ad. Does anyone already know how to deal with this plague? I've already change the email address for email posting but it seems it didn't work.

Until we find the solution to this Blogger scam I would like to thank Julianto Cahyadi for the Coke Idea. This comes just in hand to introduce to you a Wordpress hack very well know now as Buy me a beer! In this case, the hack is made for Blogger and Etienne Teo same as Amey Jah had posted about how to install such plugin in Blogspot.

By the way, please if you're a regular reader of our blog you shouldn't miss the chance to read one the most prominet bloggers, Sumesh. He's working hard to improve the quality of information in his blog and had prepared a very good post about the Greasemonkey Scripts for Gmail. Go visit him and say hi from TonNet.

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  1. Hi!

    Thank you for mentioning about me!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog too :)

    I will visit your blog every now and then.. your blog is indeed informative!

    Best Regards,

    Julianto Cahyadi

  2. Come back at any time and thanks for the follow up!