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What Do You Wonder About RSS

You might be already into microblogging and reading blogs like Micropersuasion will make your day a productive one specially if you are in the go and don't have other thing handy than your Treo or iPhone. Everything is getting in these small gadgets thanks to the RSS system, even when only the 5-6% of American online population is penetrated by this service. According to a recent BlogAds survey, "only 12 percent of the blog reading audience said it used RSS always or often".

W. Richarson
wonders about six things of what he thinks is the most powerful of all of these technologies:

1. What’s your optimum number of feeds to read? -Not sure yet, maybe 30.
2. How do you not become 'married' to the feeds you already have? -New and better subscription appear everyday!
3. Do you rely too much on a handful of feeds? -Absolutely. It's like talking with a darling girlfriend.
4. How many individual pieces of information can you realistically make sense of? -Unknown, rely on filtering.
5. How do you best organize the information that is most useful? -Firefox help me to keep windows open.
6. Should I read ideas, or should I read people? -Both to me even when ideas are the most important resource.

So, dear reader, what's your wonder about RSS? Share your concerns and will give you a link back. Deal?

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