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What Men Like in Women. You ask!

The following is a post written by Debasmita Chanda, who tries to explain something sometimes inexplicable. What I really like about women? Have you ever asked this question? You better find out and answer before you meet a woman today!

[...The women have something that attract men is that they have a different way of seeing the world. Without getting into the whole emotional/logical thing, it is true that women (or at least the ones I know) just see things differently than men. They notice different angles or aspects of a situation that most men will miss, and having women involved on projects (work, church, planning a camping trip, whatever) helps broaden men's view about life. Though women don't always present a logic but still they have a different way of proving themselves which is unique and men get so thrilled with the angle they present. Women sometimes present angles in a very simple way but it might bring a lot of meaning top men as they always search for meanings in it. So in a way men want to be dependent on them as they are sure that these women will surely take care of them and will support them in need...]

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