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Get Your iPhone Working On T-Mobile Networks

This week I was talking with a friend of mine about his iPhone. He was very disappointed with the very first bill he just received, the deal was closed and the clerk told him that the increase in his bill will be only 40 dollars, but he was reading a large bill that over passed the 700 hundreds! Why the iPhone has to be so expensive and so closed?

Europa has already mastered a way to get the iPhone working in their networks, copying information from the Subscriber Identity Module, a small card with a chip that identifies a subscriber to the cell-phone network. Being this expensive gadget available only in the US for now it's quite useful to have George Hotz from NJ, to get your iPhone unlocked an working with the only carrier which is compatible with, T-Mobile. This young teen outlines 10 steps to unlock the iPhone but you better be careful it is not that easy and you screw it up then your phone will become a piece of junk. The hack is complicated and requires skill with both soldering and software, and missteps may result in the iPhone becoming useless, so it's unlikely to become a household procedure.

Once again do not intent to unlock it by yourself, Hotz had four more guys for helpers, two of them from Rusia. He didn't waste his summer, as some of his friends have been saying. The following promise to be a easier way to unlock this phone trhought software implementation.

LATER: There is step=by-step post here, where you can learn how to unlock your iPhone using QuickPwn firmware.

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  1. Nice information. Getting iphone into T-Mobile networks is to useful only. I saw lot of article but in those article unlocking an iphone is very difficult. But unlocking a GSM is very easy by online itself at low cost from unlock4u. So here software implementation is good to use. Thanks for this information.

  2. What about buying an iPhone from Australia? I hear that the iPhones there are truly unlocked. Would inserting my T-Mobile sim card then work in the US?

  3. You will have to jailbreak it but here in the States are not sold unlocked. There is AT&T, the company in control for a period of time. We are expecting some other companies start selling the iPhone in a year or so.