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Natural selection is also posible in weblogs

This is a translation from Ojo al Texto [ES] where Mario Morales a Colombian journalist and Javeriana University's professor, as guest journalist and academic was interviewed by Avanza.org. He is a professional who is far from rejecting the contribution of blogs. Please, pay close attention to what he has to say:

What is your opinion about the concept that the publication of blogs, being easily accessible to the public, is displacing the role of a professional journalist?

"I don't think so. Blogs arrived at the right time, to empower audiences who had never had the opportunity to express themselves because of the verticality of the media. The blogs, discussion forums and other tools of the Internet have raised at the hearings and, increasingly, have to live up to the producers of news and mass media in themselves. From that perspective, it's happening the very same process that worked with traditional journalism, to become credible it needed to built on quality standards. What is being done today with blogs is a process of natural selection. While a Google blog is born every 5 seconds, one dies every 2 and it's because there is a job. A blog requires a journalistic work and therefore this implies intellectual training and routine. For a blog to stabilize in the network, it requires the same standards of quality journalism, namely that has a stamp of quality represented in credibility, confidence, precision and accuracy. What is published in the blog, every day, is subject to such a review of the audience. If you build trust and credibility you are saved, but there is not a displacement, what we have is another way to reach those journalistic niche."

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  1. This is a really great take on the subject of blogging: Are you good enough to make a routine of your writing? Are you strong enough to make each post with substance? Very interesting.

  2. gracias por la referencia. Excelente traducción. Mil saludos

  3. Anytime Alvaro. Claudia, that's what keeps me working hard everyday!