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Why the so popular Scoble isn't getting comments on his blog as before

These statements were placed by Scoble himself and I would like to reproduce without his permission:
1. I seriously am not doing as good a quality of blogging. My best creativity is spent doing video nowadays.

2. Twitter. Twitter is where we comment now. Lots of my friends have noticed that we don’t comment on blogs anymore we just go to Twitter.

3. Commodification. I’m reading 903 feeds every night. In the past week that’s more than 15,000 items!!! There’s so much more great content out now than in the past that it’s spreading the audience out and people have less time to chat on a specific blog.

4. I’m posting less. If you don’t post a lot you don’t build a community and people get distracted.

Today he's being posting about a new video service and includes two videos where he explains the reverse engeering of TechMeme, which thanks to one of his commentors, Allen Stern these videos can be sum up in six points(TM = TechMeme):
1. Gabe puts a weight on every blog - this is why TC and ENG will always be in the top 2 slots, it’s designed this way.

2. Those with a higher weight can get on TM without links.

3. Stories outside the native area for a blog may not hit TM with as much force as within the native area.

4. More weight on a blog pushes out the other smaller blog by default.

5. Some of the large blogs rarely link out to other blogs discussing the story because doing so might move them to related instead of the lead - by leaving out the other blogger links, it allows the larger blog to push the smaller blog out, even if they are later to the story, and therefore get the “TM Credit” - you didn’t mention this but I believe this is a HUGE part of the gaming.

6. You also fail to mention network sites and how they can game TM easily as TM considers them separate sites.

I am not reading TechMeme with such a frecuency but it really deserves our atention since they present the most hotter topics in technology.

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