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Paidos and Ethics

I've came across to the great David Warlick and I would like to reproduce two very interesting thoughts he's being working on lately in his blog. The first, is the necessity of ethics that needs to be part of the basic information/literacy skills taught to our children.
- Respect for intellectual property (copyright, etc.)
- Respect for intellectual integrity (respect truth)
- Respect for each other (cause no harm)
- Respect for the information infrastructure

And the second one, where he tries to elaborate the answer for this question. “How do we train teachers to work with today’s information and communications technologies?”
We suffer from the myths of old world education, that you go to school so that you will be prepared for the next 30 or 35 years. But the teacher we are at graduation from college, is not necessarily the teacher we need to be five years later. Those days are long behind us — and I think that the job has become a whole lot more exciting as a result.

Is this a new concept of dynamic pedagogy or is it a change in the roots all educational system had been built up?

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