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Bloghology in its final countdown!

What Bloghology is? According to the director of this project it is "...a collection of bloggers, their profiles, photos, and links to their best posts. It is a PDF e-book which can be easily circulated throughout the blogosphere for personal branding and marketing of selected good quality bloggers."

About one month Merr Erkal launched this project called Blogholohy and at the time I am writing this post we only have 12 hours remaining for the big event. Yes, he says in his blog, long waited Bloghology is almost ready including a few surprises for you. I am quite sure you will like it. As i said before, if i succeed in the first edition, i will keep on creating Bloghology every quarter. Will it be successfully created, you bet!

But why you blogger should join in to this Bloghology thingy? Let's ask again Mr Erkal to list some of the practical benefits:

1. One quality link back from Search For Blogging blog
2. Your biography will reach to hundreds of thousands bloggers all around the world.
3. You will be represented in a fancy way with your biography, photos, and links to your best shots!
4. You will be highlighted. It is your time to show up now!
5. You will join one of the most promising social networking community; Peopleized.com
6. Your interview will be presented on the frontpage of Peopleized.com

So, wait no more and promote your blog with these big ands promising network dedicated not for A-blogger but for small bloggers who happen to stop blogging, because it seems almost impossible to overcome those rough obstacles, and succeed in the end.

Greetings Mert, sign me in!

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