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RSS Footer Options for Blogspot Blogs

I've reading a post related to RSS optimization written by Joost de Valk and himself already has created a scrapper for WP blogs. I don't know yet about this plug in for Blogspot hosted blogs but I obviously think will be great to have it.

Patrick Altoft, explains what are the problems with scrappers and why we should have one in our blogs in order to make sure search engines know the source of the post and guide your readers to find an extra place to click to visit your site.

...Having internal links within the post as well as maybe a link to your homepage in your feed footer isn’t going to be the best solution. What you really need is a link to your blog post from within the feed content. Obviously your feed will already have a link to your post anyway but most scrapers tend to remove those links and just keep the title and the content.

Is anyone from Blogger Draft reading our blog?

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