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Steve Jobs: Following his MacWorld Watchers

It's being sad that precisely today when Steve Jobs was to deliver his speech Twitter let down all its users. I wasn't affected because I had no time to follow up this event live but people in the other side of the world, they even went to sleep in order to catch up Jobs intervention. Check out what Mike Bogle in Sydney had to suffer ( http://www.techticker.net/2008/01/twitters-starting-to-get-my-goat.html).

As I said, many people was anxious to hear what Steve Jobs had to say. We wait patiently and read the Keynote Live hosted by Duncan Riley.

In San Francisco though, Louis Gray spotted eight types of MacWord Watchers:

1. The True Believers.
2. The Mac Rumors Psychos.
3. Ye Olde Macolytes.
4. The Corporate Spies.
5. The Windows Bigots.
6. The Secret Mac Wannabes.
7. The Bloggers and Rumormongers.
8. The Curious iPod/iPhone Owner.

Ha!. When watching Apple events, think that not only Big Dad might be watching over.


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