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DDoS: Hosting and Spanish Bloggers Being Affected by Persistent Attacks

You will find many bloggers who write and promote business and adverstisement in serious way and with lawful procedures but what's happening with a innumerable Spanish weblogs is tough and the law needs to intervene and work to sanction these kind of attacks, these always heated 'fishing' affecting our normal lives and properly established business.

The original post hung in Genbeta.com was: "Do you want to know by who you've been not admitted to the MSN, so don't give out your password to strangers". The post was written in Spanish and because of the attacks Genbeta is down but you still can see it in Google cached page.

Our concern has geared because the note we've got it from a well established blogger and professor in Spain, Enrique Edans. As right now, his page is not accessible and in his last post he's reporting the same issue with weblogssl.com where he claims to have some small shares. This is an excerpt of his post:

Recently, the entry began to be well positioned in Google, and the company received a number of threaten e-mails, asking them the withdrawal of the content under the threat of a DDoS attack. The threat has proved to be true, as of last Sunday, Genbeta began to suffer attacks of this kind which have been rising in intensity to affect every part of the data center, owned by NTT Communications Europe. The analysis of this attacks has already allowed to get enough information that I can not provide in order not to jeopardize investigations on the matter, this is a matter related to the lumpen stratum and the most nasty and dirty part on the web.

What they're doing is called an attack DDoS and for those not familiar with this terminology it's a way to attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users by generating an overload of traffic which on time prevents the site from functioning efficiently or at all, temporarily or indefinitely. Microsoft is taking actions and for more of this thread , please visit the Spanish blogosphere or keep track of events through Technorati.

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