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Poincare's Geometry

I haven't posted these last two weeks for personal reasons and matter of time. I apologize for being absent all this period and Tonnet wants to reassure you Education and Tech has long live. Here a math thought, just to start heating up back again.

Three mathematicians are shown a cube and asked to describe what they see. The first a geometer, says, "I see a cube." The second is a graph theorist . She ventures, "I see eight points, connected by twelve edges." The third, a topologist, declares, "I see a sphere" The joke encapsulates the worldview of mathematicians belonging to different disciplines. Everybody sees what he or she wants to see and it's blind to much else. Topologists are blind to angles, distances and the exact shape of the objects of their interest.- George G. Szpiro

Please, excuse our absenteeism.

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