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7 Educational Sites Your Kids Will Enjoy

Guest post written by Heather Jonhson(*)

Chances are, your children use the Internet to play online games and/or socialize with peers. While both of those activities have their time and place, you'd probably be relieved to find your child learning while they are having fun. There are many educational sites that are so entertaining they will almost trick your child into learning. Below are seven of the best:

1. Ask Dr. Universe – Does your child have a propensity for asking hard questions about the universe? Perhaps they should "Ask Dr. Universe," the world's most curious cat. This fun site allows children to write in with questions about anything and Dr. Universe answers with authority.
2. National Geographic Kids – All kids love to read about dinosaurs and the wild side of nature. This massive site is full of fun facts and educational games.
3. Discovery Kids – This is the children's online companion to the Discovery Channel. It is similar to National Geographic Kids in content, but is worth its own merit.
4. NASA Kids' Club – Space is the final frontier and is a topic that children find endlessly fascinating. From online flight simulators to amazing high-res pictures of space, this is a great place for your little science expert to visit.
5. How Stuff Works – While this site is targeted toward people of all ages, children should be interested in learning how everything we take for granted in this world really works.
6. Cool Science for Curious Kids – This site is produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Here, children will get up close and personal with nature under a microscope, not to mention other creepy crawly things.
7. The Atoms Family – Learn all about "mad" science with appearances by Universal Monsters. For example, "The Mummy's Tomb" covers topics about kinetic energy and energy conservation. This site was designed by the Miami Museum of Science.

Trust me when I say that your children are more interested in nature and science than their video game addiction might indicate. Once a child starts surfing around the above-mentioned sites, they won't look back. In fact, it may teach them a newfound respect for their daily school routine.

(*)Heather Johnson is a freelance writer, as well as a monthly contributor for OEDb, a site to help students select among accredited online schools. Heather invites your comments and freelancing job inquiries at her email address email address.


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  1. kiwimeg said...

    Thank you for this list. I'm always looking for great internet sites to visit with my kids and these are well worth a look!

  2. Anonymous said...

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  3. Unknown said...

    Kiwimeg, I hope you keep reading those and this site, thanks for your note.

    Yearblook, we should set aside some time and take your word. Let's see what's coming up.

  4. claudia said...

    LOL! why do men have nipples, I had to blog about this post, thanks Milton!

  5. Unknown said...

    No words, Claudia. :)

  6. Sue Soto said...

    Hey how nice the templates looks..i like it...

    so i'm back and i plan to stay...good to see u...

    PS: by the way good info...

  7. Unknown said...

    Hey b@b@, long time no see. Pleased to have you back!

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