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Why Do Bloggers Still Keep Writing And We Do Too

Why we are taking a post, this far? What happened is, a few days now, we received a comment from Uncoverguy where he posted, "You're writing from 2003 and you didn't become tired?" and we felt like compelled to answer and scratch some ideas evolving the answer. After all, a blog is not only Web 2.0 anchor text words, it's more than that.

Blogging for the heck of it is not a quick results endeavor and like you are possibly feeling from time to time currently, you question whether the work you put in will ever bring the desired outcomes.

We remember publishing content to my blog, first in Spanish then in English, content We thought was pretty good (even when some readers told me my English was bad!), but no one left a comment and our traffic wasn’t exactly skyrocketing. After posting our masterpiece We’d head out to other blogs and diligently make our presence felt by trying to leave quality comments.

We came across blog articles covering similar topics to our own that, in our opinion, were not as good as our articles, yet these bloggers had a following of hundreds of readers and lots of comments made to many of their posts. We wondered whether we were doing something wrong or was there something this other bloggers were doing right that we weren’t.

TonNet can’t equivocally answer that question, but he suspects, especially now in hindsight, it was simply a case of patience and dedication to the process he was executing. He needed time to get to where he wanted to go and he needed to believe that his actions day-in and day-out would take him there.

Yaro Starak in his post How to Remain Productive When You Feel like Giving Up and from where this post was edited, says you have to enjoy every small success and focus on the commitment towards a goal. Of course, this is not something every person can replicate. Regardless of life situation, access to free time, resources or any external variable, simply put - most people don’t have the willpower to finish the race!

And he sentences: "If you truly want to realize an outcome and taste success, then you must complete the necessary steps to get there. Not some of them and not just during your best days. This needs to be congruent and forceful effort regardless of external circumstances or internal turmoil."

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  1. FWIW I read this blog (in English) and hence see every post. So it is having an impact, even if the impact isn't measured in traffic.

  2. Thanks Mr. Downes for your support. Certainly, many times, the impact of contents in a blog isn't meassured only by traffic.