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Education Leaders Disconnected from Cyber Society

The advent of Web 2.0 has brought hundreds of tools available. But you only need one to get started sharing resources you find on the Web. Gathering web-based resources is part of our hunting and gathering stage of development as educators.

Microblogging (wikis also, are well disseminated now) is a great way to share not only information but knowledge and in this field Plurk has came to steal light from Twitter. While many educators, technologists or both are way familiar with these tools, the great challenge is getting involved our administrators and leaders. Miguel MGuhlin, has been tough writing on this matter:

I'm tired of reading about how leaders need to be mollycoddled, babied, nursed, trained, led by the nose, inspired, etc. Aren't you? Come on! If they are really leaders why aren't they the heck out here in the edublogosphere? Why aren't they reading the latest research and embracing the latest technologies to transform teaching, learning and leadership?
If you're waiting for comments from school administrators, we may be here a while. Those leaders not only don't write blogs, they don't read them either...

Should we abide by the legal empowerment each school district to persuade or mandate our leaders and administrators to learn how to use technology? At this point, schools districts don't legally require teachers and administrators to know the proper use of technology, in order to maintain employment with the District. "The problem is that professional development isn't equated with learning...it's tied to "schoolin'" concludes again MGuhlin.

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