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Carnival of Education. Getting Close to the Two Hundreds

Carnival of Education
Photo by SteveSpangler
I am writing on this blog for more than four years and I've read many blogs, surprisingly I've never felt the necessity to write on these events that are created to support those bloggers, educators and writers, who stepped forward on determined issues, as in our case the Education.

Today, while reading on Disrupting Class by Clayton Christensen, I happened to check out his links and what I've discovered was an excellent blog written by NYC Educator. After this long period, writing and reading blogs on education and technology, I thought no more blogs needed to be find. How wrong I was.

An interesting aspect of Carnivals of Education we came across, while reading NYC Educator, was the number of carnivals these blogs had patronized during month of July. All three pages we will refer to, are getting close to the two hundreds of voiced links and post on education, in a particular sequence! And I even wrote a single post on these matters. Why do you think is important to subscribe to this kind of events? Or, is it irrelevant that you might to skip it and keep moving?

Carnival of Education, July 2008

Carnival of Education, 178 Edition. Held by Educator Blog.

Carnival of Education, 179th Edition. Held by Scheiss Weekly; and,

Carnival of Education, 180th Edition. Held by Steve Spangler.

There are some precious jewels to grab among these carnivals. Surely you will benefit from at least one of them.

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