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One Web Day: September 22, 2008

I came across to a website dedicated to promote the celebration of Internet good use. All bloggers are invited, and there is a contest about writing a story on how the web has transformed your life or the lives of a community you belong to, or the city you live in or your country, which means it goes worldwide. The story needs to be factual but you have the choice to be businesslike, narrative or even poetic. The stories can be reflections of how the web has transformed people’s lives, in the individual, political, economic, cultural and spiritual sphere.

OneWebDay.org is calling on this contest and has published the experiences from a student from a locally popular Institute of Engineering in India, currently in his third year of Information Technology. What it wonders me is his conclusions that he hasn’t learned anything from the Internet! Well, here in the States we have a great respect for students and professionals coming from India. Will Sivasubramanian Muthusamy be asserted on his appreciations? He explains the reasons why this student has learned anything from the Internet. "While we have institutions in India such as the Indian Institute of Technology where the facilities and quality of education match if not surpass the standards of some of the most renowned institutions in the world, this story truly reflects on the Internet access facilities and the attitude of the authorities in several schools / colleges across India."

One of the reasons developed countries enjoy a great advancement and their social networks work perfectly is the access to the Internet. David Sasaki has reason when he says there are three obstacles to a truly global conversation, he writes that censorship, lack of digital inclusion and language are the causes not all people are and feel included in mega networks as the Internet is. This is precisely what could be happening in India with Prabhu (the student who shared the story).

Those are good reasons not only to the hear when the world is talking but to join One Web Day 2008. Are you listening? The world is talking.

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