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Teacher's Roll Model: Learning to Fail!

All people interested in education weren't present at the NECC 2008, that's why, still after two weeks we keep reading notes and trying to pick what it's interesting for us. We will pick a post from Bud Hunt from Colorado, where he speaks about the Day of Teacher Play and we've found one of his paragraphs quite not only interesting but philosophical:

Our students need to see us struggle and reach and grow and try and explore and learn and fail and stand back up at the end and say, 'Wow. What’d I learn here?' That’s probably the best motivation for them to get their hands dirty. And we’ve never any credibility if we ask kids to do something that we won’t do.

Isn't that a jewel! How many colleagues are thinking of this. It's human nature to be scared of failing but teachers are humans and then, they are also entitled to fail. Nothing wrong with failing, teachers fail, students fail. The fact of the matter is, we wouldn't the knowledge accumulated today, if scientists were always correct.

I was trying to find a related post in Technorati about Geoff Powell session, What Effective Computer-Using Educators Know about Teaching: An International Perspective and unfortunately we couldn't find any. While focusing on increasing their technical fluency, we run the risk of assuming that all teachers understand foundational learning theory and child-centered classroom practice.

The only record I've found is the liveblogging made by Bud the Teacher. (Bud Hunt).

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