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Education Today 07/31/2008

Objections to Social Learning: Wasting Time!

John at Library Clips weighs in on 15 Objections to Using Social Learning:

"Kevin shares a classic success story at Intel, involving finding a person with the right skill to help you with your task, simply because they participate, their on the map, they are visible and findable in their blog posts. Further to this they are now a new contact in your network.

“There was a person who needed to accomplish a task. To do so, that person needed to use a piece of software they had never heard of, let alone knew enough about to functionally use it. It would take months to learn it and complete the task.

Instead of forging on, they searched the blogs and found someone who mentioned that they did another project using the software. This second person was contacted and asked to help. Within a matter of a few weeks the project was done.

Now, tell me, how many blog posts was the efficiency gain worth? Add up not only the time saved by one individual, but the advantages for a quicker ‘time to market’ for this project.”

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