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The False Idea of Overloading of Information

TechWhimsy says that overload of information on the www sounds like a First World problem and refers to it on these terms, "a bunch of hyper-connected individuals who have found that 'Life 2.0' has left their brains crammed with more information than they can process, leaving them anxious, jaded, or worn out (or all of the above)."

Some people also think that the internet will collapse into a few years, will it be a problem generated by the overload of information? The editor of TechWimsy wants to give you a clue on where the real problem is:

"Where does the problem lie? Consuming large amounts of media is actually pretty easy. You can see a video from 2007 by 4 hour work week guru Tim Ferriss of Robert Scoble outlining how he reads 600+ news feeds every day as just one example of how to do it (although I don’t know if Scoble still consumes media in quite this way). The difficulty is in absorbing the information, filtering it and synthesising and sharing it. Normal people don’t have this problem. I’m sure that most people who consume massive amounts of data do it for fun and personal interest and don’t have the inner need to process it to a level that writers and other web professionals do.

The people experiencing the most difficulty are the amateurs writing, digging, twittering, friending, stumbling and otherwise staying connected for the fun of it. These are people who have a full time job and often families of their own where reading and processing information is done in their spare time, time that could be spent de-compressing, socialising, unwinding and experiencing. Be aware that I’m not passing judgement on how people choose to spend their spare time (I’m one of these people described above after all), but it explains to me why this malaise seems to have become the echo-meme du jour."

Wonder what is the solution?

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