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You Are Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution!

This is an interesting post that needs to be featured, the rule doesn't apply to school or education only, but it's valid to our daily activities, as well. Normally, when you have an issue, a difficult situation, a problem, most of the times you start looking to the other side. However, there are occasions when your social role doesn't allow you to do that, let's say you are a parent and find yourself in the middle of a conflict with your teenage, can you you look around and pretend there is not a problem?

Here is the moment that requires to you, "being part of the solution" because it "is the only viable option."

Teaching in the Middle, is a new source of educational matters to us and this post written on Are the Obstacle or the Answer make us subscribe to it, immediately. Patrick Woessner, is heading this page and we would like to reproduce his questions about the topic but applied to schools. What will it be your answers:

"When websites are blocked, are students more likely to ask the school to consider opening them and state their rationale or simply use the Tor network to bypass the filter? When an application doesn’t work properly and a lesson fails, are teachers more likely to pursue an after-the-fact solution with the IT department or simply forgo using that program again and opt for the low-tech “Plan B”? When updated equipment is required to provide an optimal learning environment but the budget request is declined, does the technology staff demonstrate the undeniable need or prepare to make do with what is available?"

As for me, many times I've felt compelled to stay as part of the problem, to be honest, but we have to move on and accept we are being lazy in this side and wish to give out the best of ourselves to help in the solution. I cannot let down, my son just because I feel like looking to the other side...

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