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DNC/RNC: Time to Voice your Educational Concerns

The presidential nominating conventions just started this week with the DNC, and educators, journalists, writers and bloggers are taking note and wondering why education is remaining so far in the stage. There is a question on the minds of educators, advocates and American citizens everywhere -where are specifics, and where are proposals for a sweeping change? And why isn't the public hearing more of them?

Education Election is following is covering at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. There is nothing quite like a U.S. Presidential election to highlight the importance of media literacy, critical thinking, and not taking media messages as 100% truthful, because what we need is an electorate of critical thinking citizens who are not easily manipulated by emotionally charged disinformation.

Some at this point, are saying what we need to build is discourse communities, not blogs. Effective Digital Classroom published a post today that sustains the discourse about such communities. They wrote, "Getting students [as much as citizens] to post online is easy. Sustaining a learning community with diverse cultural origins and social preferences - is substantially more complex. But not impossible."

Don't let pass this opportunity and write, ask, comment on what are your expectation on your career, about learning and education, the technology en education or anything you are interested in. There are plenty of tools you can use and take advantage of this momentum. Heard what happened with former Virginia Governor Mark Warner and Twitter? The instant messaging is a good resource but not academically such as The American Phychological Association just found, "Students who are managing busy lives may think they are accomplishing more by multitasking, but they will actually need more time to achieve the same level of performance on an academic task". Or the very popular Friendfeed, and get firsthand advise from one who really knows, without being obsessed on seeing everything that floats by.

You have the voice. You have the tools, Use them!

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