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Edublogger Event 08: Passionate People Talking About Education

In the United State this is an election year and no matter who wins, Democrats or Republicans, change in education is in the wind (not for the first time, though) and think tanks, experts, politicians and bloggers are all again looking for the things that need to be "done to" improve the quality of the American education. We think that teachers should offer up their thoughts to politicians and others about what you think needs to happen. Surely , there are organizations preoccupied on these issues, but what about teachers around the world, across practice, across theory, grade level just talking about the things they would like to see happen in education.

Last year, we participate in the Edublogger Event07 and this, Steli Efti kindly invited us, but we couldn't be part of such a select group of speakers. At least, we want to participate to all of you the Best of Edublogger Event08.

"There are so many passionate people out there who are devoted to improve the future of education and change the world to the better and bringing some of you together for one day, was a special honor for us!" wrote Steli, thanking great participants this year, just to mention: Vicki Davis, Jeff Utecht, Jonatan Castano Munoz, Daniel J. Guhr, Alexa Joyce, Peter Bihr among other valuable participants.

We don't profess to know it all by any means, but we think this is as an opportunity to start a conversation about the things that will truly improve education. Nobody can doubt that taking the 30,000 foot view ever hurts!

So, we want to congratulate SuperSchool and we hope to be on board next year. In the meantime, please head over to see what happened the 2007 and follow the conversation of the amazing virtual speakers this year.

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