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Babla: Love your Words at Lexiophiles

I think this is a smart way to conquer sympathizers and visitors. Today we've received an e-mail from bab.la where they notify us about a new project they are working and developing. We don't believe much in this directories anymore, but they have made a point, saying "no system is perfect, but we based our ranking on objective values, which were assigned according to the blog’s content and features." So, we've take it as ours.

This company is based in Germany and they feature education and tech among their first 67 language and education blogs. We want to thank the guys who found content, consistency and interactivity in this blog as to select it and feature it in their project.

This kind of blog are useful when you work in an environment where many cultures come together, our experiences in Global Voices Online as author or translator are valuable and we can tell from those experiences, that language lovers we encounter them worldwide. We hope guys at lexiophiles.com succeed and pass by and check out by yourselves, if you find that list interesting and useful for people reading and searching about languages and education.

As we said before, we don't pay attention to this lists but if you like them and want us to do the favor, and vote for education & tech, please head over their page and vote us. Thank you all.

The following is a chart we've taken from lexiophiles where they've categorized what are the 10 most spoken languages in the whole world:

1 -->Chinese [1,210,000,000]
2 -->Hindi [487,000,000]
3 -->Spanish [358,000,000]
4 -->English [341,000,000]
5 -->Arabic [320,000,000]
6 -->Portuguese [250,000,000]
7 -->Bengali [207,000,000]
8 -->Russian [160,000,000]
9 -->Japanese [125,000,000]
10 -->German [100,000,000]

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