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Education Today 08/10/2008

Stop Trying to Inspire Me: Do it the right way, not the Wong way.

We are about to start new year in classroom and this history really hit my nerves (in a good way). I would like to share with you how was my first day, but it will be done in the future. I haven't being educated in the U.S., so I wasn't familiar with 'The First Day of School' by Rosemary Wong. However, I guess, it happened exactly as Tom puts it: "It was my first day as a teacher and I had already lost them. All of them."

Blown away by Students 2.0

"We make the mistake of thinking that the people that do well in school are the ‘smart’ ones, but that isn’t always the case. These people may just be good at retaining information and reciting it back under pressure, or may just be good at problem solving."

Is this what Clayton M. Chirstensen aims for in his Disrupting Class' book?

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