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Will a Weblog Change in the Web Future?

We want to keep peace so this page 'conveys information in a chronological style' as Sean P Aune just put it. We want to join the project started by Daily Blog Tips, on question What's Is A Blog?

Major difference is the sequence and activity the administrator maintains on the site. There are many genres and if you are a blogger, then you are familiar with blogosphere. We think a blog is an online collection of published items. There are videos, pictures, lifestreaming , research results, documents. As you can see, the variety of subjects is so diverse, as far as its activity doesn't fall on the death sea.

While you join to this thread or drop a comment on how do you define a weblog, I would like to extend the invitation to participate in the Web Future panel. Think of the description they submitted:"The rate of change of the web is accelerating. Radical changes are coming in how quickly we can evolve data, create new apps, find new audiences, and alter the fabric of the browser itself. In this panel, engineers from five areas will present a prediction of the next stage of the web. Expect disagreements, technical digressions, and shouting."


John Tropea at Library Clips blog on the context of blogs, says: "...blogs, as raw and informal as they are, are not a panacea for context, but they are a hell of a lot better than codified documents."

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  1. I'm excited to see how blogging and education go head to head in the coming future! Good article.