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Education Today 08/22/2008

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Stop “I Cant-ing” and start trying.

When we fall into “I Can’ts” we lock ourselves into filling that as truth. I tried to call Jen on that in her comments[http://injenuity.com/archives/285]. If she says, “I can’t cook” then that’s cuts off effort to counter the assertion. She responds:

Alan, I mention that I “can’t,” only to emphasize that it’s because I’ve not gathered the information and abilities I need. If I take the time to do that, I’m sure I’ll be able to make you the saltiest squirrel pie you’ve ever tasted!

A Must-Read Science Teacher

Doyle is a science teacher whose writings about that subject are addictive. Half Steinbeck, half uncle you’d always wished for, the voice and perspective just do me right. He makes his back yard, his New Jersey coast, the trees outside his classroom window come alive like only a good science-storyteller can. Do yourself a favor and check him out.[http://doyle-scienceteach.blogspot.com/]

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