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Freedom: The Prize of Going to China to the Olympic Games

We thought Olympics will allow some liberties in China ( yes, I know different countries have different laws). One of the values we teach our kids in school here or there, is the value of their own culture and of course the immense value of freedom. When Ingrid Betancourt was set free by Colombian government, one of our friends told us, you cannot value freedom until you've lost it. And certainly is it.

While mayor blogs discuss who's leading the coverage of Olympics in the US, there are people who is being left behind as The Pirate Bay, a website who allows users to download torrents on the Beijing Olympics. They were asked by IOC to take down all videos being broadcasted by this very popular website.

Recently, David Sasaki, outreach director of GVO wrote a article that appeared in PBS-IdeaLab where he said there were three obstacles to a truly global conversation: censorship, lack of digital inclusion and language. In this post we refer to the first one, censorship.

What are you doing today to save those five US bloggers who were detained in China because of their sympaty for Tibetan causes? In America we support freedom of speech and even if they are critics of the American system, they deserve the right of free thinking. We join to condemn such actions taken against fellow journalist/bloggers:

- James Powderly
- Brian Conley
- Jeffrey Rae
- Jeff Goldin
- Michael Liss
- Tom Grant

A commenter in ReadWriteWeb put it straight and simple: "The harder China tries to make Tibet go away, the more foolish they look. That is not to say that the US doesn't look foolish over Iraq, but two wrongs don't make a right. The consistent targeting of Buddhist monks and the cultural genocide that is going on in Tibet is a travesty. I don't think the world at large really appreciates what will be lost if China's plan for Tibet succeeds."

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