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American Schools To Advance In Diversity Issues

Loudoun(VA) had the highest median income last year among counties with 250,000 residents or more, with the average Loudoun household making about $107,000 a year, according to US Census Bureau. Loudoun is still among richest U.S. Counties.

This county first earned that distinction in 2005 and was overtaken by Fairfax County in 2006. In 2007, Loudoun was about on a par with Fairfax, where the median income was about $105,000.

However, forty years later(1968), even after the Brown v. Board of Education, more than 30 percent of the 54,047 students in Loudoun schools are minorities, according to 2007-08 figures. But,like most school systems, this county continues to struggle with achievement disparities between racial groups and problem is complicated by language barriers and socioeconomic issues. That's why officials are paying attention to 'access' and 'opportunity.'

School officials had came under fire from minority activists for not renewing the contract of Beverly Bennett-Roberts, the district's outreach supervisor and this is seem as a violation of the rights of the single advocate for those who felt they had no voice.

The Washington Post this ending week brought in an article where writer Kameel Stanley, exemplifies that differences of population services and the Loudoun NAACP:

"White students made up 67 percent of the student population in the 2007-08 school year, the most recent data available. Black students accounted for about 8 percent, Hispanics 12 percent and Asians 11 percent; fewer than 1 percent were Native American.

About 92 percent of the school system's licensed employees are white. Blacks make up about 4 percent and Hispanics and Asians 2 percent each."

The article speaks of frustrations black people had to confront back in the 60's but they forgot what Hispanics struggles to get the counterparts even.

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