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Doing your Own Research to Get Noticed in the Internet

Today is Labor Day in the United States and we've had a few more time to read our subscriptions and haven't waste time watching the early suspended Republican National Convention, in place, we been quite busy trying to catch up with all recommendations on the BlogDay 2008.

Two topics nowadays are typed in the search engines known so far. Tools for conducting our personal and professional research and looking for a moment of our very own celebrity, how to get noticed while in the internet.

We've been blogging since the 2003 and by far, we already were talking about forty-one years of the internet age. Predecessors of the internet were J.C.R. Licklider of Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN) in August 1962. The ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) and ARPA of the United States Department of Defense. Doriano Carta from Mashable writes about Notebook 2.0 and claims:

Fast forward several decades and we arrive to this list of the best tools for researchers today. In addition to being able to saves text, audio, video and links during your research online you’ll also be able to share these collections of notes with colleagues, students or anyone else. You can also keep things private for your own research projects.

Now, imagine doing some research to brand your education in education blog or may be your own personal name. You would need to make a deposit before you can make a withdrawal. Kellier Parker in a comment left at Jeremiah Owyang's blog suggest to actively seek ways to be helpful within the network you create. Don’t hesitate to jump in and answer questions, give advice, lend a supporting hand.

When you are in need of assistance,Parker continues, people will jump in to help you a lot more readily than if you were a stranger making a request. Kellier has found this to be true thus far in her job search. Over the past few years, she’s built a network of community managers and social media strategists, and have never turned down an opportunity to talk to someone, listen to someone, to give her point of view on a topic or issue, or just generally to assist someone with something. When you are the one in need, this is being paid back to me tenfold. To receive much, you must give much.

With proliferation of educational blogs, it becomes so much more difficult for brand to stand out from the millions of others blogs and bloggers. Yeah, you’re thinking the long tail will solve this, and well yes, in a way. But in reality there are leaders and followers being created in each sub-educative and sub-technological niche, so the Jeremiah's rules of getting noticed still apply. They are: Create a goal, built a unique educational blog, get more personal, attend and lead local events (know why?) do your best to be interesting and show your achievements!

What are your takes on this matter?

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