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Google Quickly Becoming the New Microsoft.

Google’s days of unchecked growth may soon come to an end. They are quickly becoming the new Microsoft. Yes, you might say, but why? Chrome, the Webkit-based Google browser that launches tomorrow at google.com/chrome, will give them a real foothold on the desktop and way more control over how web applications perform. While it seems that Chrome is aimed at IE and Firefox, the target is really Windows.

Expect to see millions of web devices, even desktop web devices, in the coming years that completely strip out the Windows layer and use the browser as the only operating system the user needs. That was going to happen anyway, but Chrome + Gears just made the decision a whole lot easier for hardware manufacturers to make.

Google Chrome will be free, open source and, at least for the time being, limited to Windows users. They've said it's been worked on Mac and Linux but no deadlines had been offered.

One of the biggest complaints about web apps is the stability of the browser. When you’re doing mission-critical work in a web app and the browser crashes, it isn’t an annoyance, it’s a deal breaker — e-mails are lost, documents have to be rewritten, web forms need to be filled out again. Chrome’s ability to sidestep a full crash could prove a huge boon to Google’s bid to replace desktop apps with its own web-based alternatives.

On the other hand, Microsoft, which crushed Netscape Communications to win the last major browser war in the 1990s, played down the threat posed by Chrome. Microsoft predicted that most people will embrace its latest version, Internet Explorer 8, which it released in test status last week.

The inquisitr.com makes a review and Raphael says, "as for overall success [of Google Chrome], it’s hard to imagine Chrome being able to dethrone IE. For better or for worse, Microsoft’s browser accounts for the overwhelming majority of the market — around 70 to 75 percent, depending on whom you ask. Being that many of those users are on it simply because it’s the Windows default and they don’t know or care to change it explains a lot."

Let's see what happens with prognosis that Gmail and Google Docs will roar and if really people wants to covert.

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  1. sure does seem like it, i haven't tried google's new browser but i will soon try... i am very much happy with firefox, but i'll just scratch that itch, ill do that when i have time... but i have read several 'reviews' and most have positive feedbacks... some said that loading seemed faster, especially on youtube... i'm currently using google docs... well one thing i like about is you can share your documents/spreadsheets to other people, collaborators from different places can easily view and edit files uploaded in google docs, pretty nifty...