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Taking Advantage of Lulu Book Self -publishing

Bloggers in some way are all publishers, but when we talk about books it's better if we find the professionals and places where it's no so hard to publish your contents, as well as your creations as for example a book. Lulu.com offers the possibility to not only self-publish your very own book, but it's a good place to find advise in how to be an author.

Aida Guhlin is a teen and his proud father is helping her to spread word about her work, Alone in the Middle.This book is a fiction novel and its price is very affordable.

Alone In the Middle is a truly engaging book about the ups and downs of being a teenager. The main character, Lisa Jenkins is a teen who has to deal with two perfect older sisters, and annoying younger brothers. Laugh out loud when Lisa and her two best friends scheme their ways into the inner circle, let your heart pound when Lisa meets the right guy, and exclaim to your friends over one of the most interesting books you will ever read.

Support youth writing by buying this book, because at least one of these reasons: 1) read because you can; b) read to keep in touch; c)read to exercise your mind; d)read to have fun; e) read to make a good decision; f) read to create great things; g) read to visit new places; h) read to plan for your future; i) read to explore your world; or; j) read to understand the past!

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