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Blogs Can't Deliver Education Deep Coverage

This is a statement hard to explain, considering there are a great number of educators who can go deeply about education issues. It's true that bloggers (talking about education in general) by themselves can't go a long way without relying on traditional media, but saying 'education coverage needs traditional media sources because free-standing education blogs could not provide the depth of coverage necessary for quality commentary on the issues without relying on traditional journalism.' It's hard to believe.

Can journalists answer the following questions? Should educators/trainers become technologists? Or should the tools of design become so easy to use that technical skills are minimal? Or do we move the technology to specialized design teams and educators remain the subject matter experts? These questions were brought by George Siemens trying to let us know what's happening at the University of Manitoba in about designing learning. I pretty much sure bloggers talking about education will be quick to answer them all.

They (journalists) can do research, but teachers can do too. Of course, in this open source movement I am not closing doors to journalists, what I am saying is that is too quick to say bloggers all by themselves can have an opinionated criteria about what they know the most, integrating social media and technology in the classroom.

So, while Scott Elliott is certainly right about his topics about education, when he says bloggers can’t really go it alone without traditional media, this may not remain so much true going forward!

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