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How to Take Advantage of Simple Lesson Learned at Elementary School

We are subscribed to Dumb Little Man a while now and this week they've come up with an interesting post dedicated to the elementary school attendees. Ali Hale of Alpha Student makes a wonderful post, we all should read, even when it remind us all how simple were the rules at elementary school.

School Elementary Lessons for Today's Grown Up

Post is based on its original 5 Elementary Lessons That Can Help You Today.

1. Handwriting and presentation -Remember how your teacher insisted on the neatness and proper handwriting presentation? Nowadays, this applies to simple things like your clothes. Although, good presentation is important in so many other areas too – from writing a letter to a potential mentor to trying to write the About page of your blog. "Good presentation is vital in life; we judge based on appearances, even though we might not mean to."

2. Silent Time - Teacher used to ask you to work silently, that's the best way to keep yourself focus. Have to courage and power to tell your co-workers that you want them to be quite in order to finish a project. "silent time could mean logging out from instant messaging applications and switching off your mobile."

3. Put your hand up - It has to be with the art of listening, you had to raise your hand and wait for your teacher to call your name. Give the opportunity to speak to other people, particularly those shyer ones. "The principle is to make sure that everyone has a chance to participate."

4. Do your homework -Agrr!... Still talking about homework? Yes, it might seem boring or tedious but we had to get it done! Give detention to yourself when in a middle of something. After all, "doing your homework can make all the difference between success and failure."

5. Play time - At school and your work place, we enjoy breaks because it means free time. It pays to enjoy such a short breaks when we are on duty. Walk, make some exercise or drink a sip of coffee. After that you will be "able to concentrate on your work far more effectively if you have a regular break."

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  1. imo, playtime is one of the bet lessons from elementary that grown ups must take advantage of... as the proverb goes, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy... :)