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Are Vouchers the Only Concern of Our Candidates?

Those who watched the last night debate might agree with me that for candidates, education in the U.S. is worth five minutes and spent at the very end. Thousands of hours of political talk, hardly seems like enough for an issue most everyone declares to be vital to our future.

Eduwokette has named its Carnival of Education after the Debate: The Debate Edition. This is what they say about the interest both candidates have on Education:

McCain: My friends, since I’m so busy talking about earmarks, I never talk about education.

Obama: Come to think of it, I am so busy talking about change that I don’t either.

However, if you happen to watched the third debate, McCain (Obama followed) was concentrated on the DC Vouchers, that "has not done a thing to improve public schools, something which supporters of those programs claim will be a primary benefit." as Tim says.

Well, presidentials seems that don't even care about those students, that beginning in elementary school, are sent up through the grades unprepared, with a lack of preparation that grows exponentially until they hit college. What the colleges are told? Fix it. Do whatever needs to be done to prepare these students for careers and meaningful lives!?

It's truth, we are confronted to a economical situation that is supposed to be attended first, but isn't education the one resource that will grow fortune and will get this crisis up? Education is funded by local property values. So, be attentive, in the end it will be the devaluation of property and the revaluation of citizens that will change schools.

Students in American public schools are like those chocolates in classic episode of I Love Lucy. They’re being sent down the conveyor belt before they’ve been properly wrapped. Workers hide unwrapped chocolates in their hat as supervisors call out for the belt to go faster. As administrators analyze, review and make decisions, the unwrapped chocolates either fall on the floor or wend their way to their graduation boxes. Collectively, the establishment put children on this conveyor belt and appears to still reject warnings of problems.

Do Nov. 4th elections will change the course of education? I bet not. While educational administrators think that parents aren’t asked for input on district curricula because they don’t have the background required to offer informed input, all official will stay in a perpetual silence. It’s too bad none of the parents in a district ever went to college; ran a business; tutored children; became engineers, mathematicians, writers, teachers, professors or tradespeople. Any of that would have been so helpful. Let's revaluate this conception and the role school-parents!

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