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DevLearn08 : Learning in Web 2.0 World

If you live nearby San Jose, tomorrow is a good chance to learn about web 2.0, learning 2.0, and everything else 2.0. Beginning Nov 11th until Friday, Nov 14th the DevLearn 2008 Conference & Expo will take place in California, where "the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the e-Learning industry convene each year to explore, discuss, and learn about the best ideas and technologies for e-Learning."

Whether you are in the business or wish to see someone in person and shake a hand or give a hug, bring yourself great spirit and a good bunch of business cards. Yes, these are some of the recommendations have had, the readers of Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Last Friday, Brent Schlenker, Elerandev's Editor, made a list of what is expected you take, if you happen to attend the conference. He writes, "Check out everything and familiarize yourself with the program. DevLearnLIVE is a great place to find social networking for the event."

To Do: a) Subscribe to the event in Twitter; b)Enable your cell phone to decode QR codes; c)Please, bring your laptop; and, d) Get your cellphone with you.

Hope you enjoy and post about the event!

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