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Learning About Wikis and History of Education

Wikispaces is inviting you to its Education Webinar on November 13th at 5pm PDT. You'll be learning about the basics of setting Wikispaces up in your classroom and hear from Jeanne Simpson, an educator who has used wikis to create and organize math resources for the classroom. Sarah Cove of the Wikispaces Blog has written, "Steve Hargadon has offered his Classroom 2.0 Elluminate room for the event. To join the meeting, simply click this link. We hope you are able to attend.

On the other hand, we've found a recently created blog under the name Libertatis Æquilibritas and the editor has started writing a serie, called 'Educating the Children'. It's precious piece of History of the Education and the author explains how through the process of the history, the responsibility of who is in charge of educating kids, has changed.

We will cite the last paragraphs, so you can contribute with the conversation and give you too, the opportunity to answer some of the questions brought up. Here's the excerpt:

"I offer you this brief history of education so that you can see that it has not traditionally been the state which educated children. Traditionally it has been provided, either for profit or charity, by communities, religious institutions, families, and employers. It is only in the last few hundred years that it has even been mandated by the state, and only for slightly more than a hundred that it has been provided by the state, and even then only in the first world.

But what was the quality of schooling before compulsory education? What opportunities were available to parents who wished to educate their children? What was the literacy rate and education level of the population at large? What did society look like before the state took over the education of the youth?

And what has society looked like since?" [http://ownyourfreedom.blogspot.com/]

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