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Education, Tech, And the 2008 Year in Review

Traditional media is doing the Year in Review and we thought that is a good opportunity,to show our best work during 2008. In fact, we're probably worse than most when it comes to liking to sort, use Google Analytics's statistics, find trends and display highlights. TonNet thought it'd be fun to do a quick run through the year very soon to be completed, looking at the good things, bad, interesting, and not so much.

Below is a quick summary, including the top stories and people who were nice enough to link to us, like Stephen Downes, to whom we extend our deeply and grateful respects.

In the middle of the 2008, we posted which were at that time, our Top 20 Posts of All Time and it was Mr. Downes who linked to Education & Tech more than once.

Many other people showed some love linking to Education and Tech, but again, it was Stephen's Web who did it the most. Some other edubloggers (or edblogs) worked on the Top 25 blogs for the 2008, the Top 50 P-12Edublogs? -Technorati shake up! the Education & Tech blogroll, Best of the 2008 @ Weblogawards, and Innocents in Blogland by the Whashington Post.

We have in the right side, the Popular Posts and some of them are included in what Google Analytics tracks as the Top Content for this blog:

Edublog Awards: The Best 16 Eddies, is a recent post but as all topics in the internet, new content ranks higher.

Why developers hate the Facebook wall-to-wall, it's a popular landing for our social media avid readers.

The iPhone brings traffic, see this post about hooking one of this gadgets to the T-Mobile networks.

10 questions to ask at a Parent Teacher Conference. It seems visitors of Education & Teach are not only educators but parents, as well.

Social Networks are a great concern among cybernauts. Social Networking condemned to die was large hit.

Some have complained we don't keep focus on the thematic we cover. They may have their own reasons, yet 7 educational sites your kids will love was a success.

Two are the posts in Spanish, which still continue to be of the preference of our visitors:

Aspectos positivos y negativos de la globalización.

The musical history of a Ecuadorian legend, Don Lucho Bowen.

For great posts at the end of the 2008 and greatly promoted by users in the internet. Click the links:

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  1. Hey Milton! Nice review you put together :) Good way for me to go back and see more of your articles!

  2. Thanks for imput and continue support Koichi.