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Education Today 12/17/2008

Hard Work And Technology Improve Achievement

They [kids] know now that when they say something it will be welcomed and discussed - the relationships in the classroom are fantastic.

Social Media vs. Knowledge Management

Taking the best of Social Media, Knowledge Management, eLearning, User Assistance (and others) and combining them together gives us Enterprise 2.0 solution

UK survey shows e-learning's the downturn winner

Less surprising is the increased interest in e-learning, blended learning and mobile learning, which is already reflected in high levels of activity among developers.

A balance between teaching skills and content

Memorisation of facts without the skills is obviously a waste of time, and I understand that you need the skills to locate, manage and synthesize the freely available information to create knowledge, but we still need a knowledge of some content, surely, otherwise the skills are free floating and without context.

Seven brilliant things teachers do with technology

Things i see teachers do that just make me marvel and feel proud to be a part of the profession.

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