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Plagiarism: Preventing Bad Use of your Blog Contents

We have put out our 2 cents before on plagiarism. Yesterday while we checked our Google Reader subscriptions, we came across to Richard Byrne's experiences about someone stealing contents of his blog.

Some still are holding up that Blogging as a Method of Communication May be Over, but Byrne goes forward and mentions the three mos popular platforms to create blogs "If you're a teacher just beginning to explore the use of technology in the classroom". He also asserts why he decided to stay with Blogger Platform.

Blogger is well known to operate and allow lots of splogs maintained thanks to services like this one. But we have to protect ourselves of been plagiarized. The question, is how to detect plagiarism? Learning from Free Tech for Teachers, we now know of how to detect and prevent this problem, unfortunately on the rise.

We can add to the list: Find the e-mail of people who plagiarized your content. As for what we would like to use (not frequently but we do sometimes run a quick monitoring), these are our 5 cents: Duplicate Post Checker, PlagiarsimDetect and Copyscape.

We’ll be happy to give you any legal approvals you need whether you like our content. But I want you to steal my content.(in a good way) In fact, all our contents are available via Creative Commons license so you can use it wherever and whenever. Of course, we'd like a credit, yes, but it's not a demand.

I am sorry, this post ended full of links. This is what to do when someone steals your content, please don't get me wrong with the paragraph before.

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  1. Your post is good. But whatever the step we took to save our content, they will transform them easily. There must be strong law to enhance plagiarism.